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Renault Trafic Van Engines

Trafic comes with a range of smooth and highly economical engines. Benefiting from Renault ‘s technological expertise in F1®, Trafic offers a range of engines that combine simplicity, flexibility and performance. The efficient 1.6 dCi turbo engine has a range of versions delivering an MPG up to 47.1* (LCV) or 50.4* (passenger), keeping fuel costs down.

The 1.6 dCi turbo engine Renault Trafic Van Engines

Double the Performance

Renault Trafic Van Engines 1.6 dCi turbo engine

A product of the latest generation 1.6 dCi block developed by Renault, the Trafic engine benefits from the best in modern technology. It consists of a variable geometry turbocharger (dCi 95 hp and dCi 120 hp) or Twin Turbo (ENERGY dCi 125 hp and ENERGY dCi 145 hp), thus offering a large range of engines to meet everyone’s needs.

The Twin Turbo engine, with Stop & Start technology and the new regenerative braking system (Energy Smart Management), helps Trafic achieve fuel economy of up to 47.1* (LCV) or 50.4mpg* (Passenger) helping you to minimise fuel costs. Better fuel economy and more driving pleasure! With Trafic, you win either way.

EURO 6 and AdBlue®
Ensuring our customers take advantage of the latest engine technology, the Trafic comes equipped with the latest Euro 6 compliant engines. Featuring an upgraded SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system, these engines cut harmful Nitrous Oxides (NOx) emissions by over half through the injection of AdBlue® solution into the exhaust gases.

AdBlue® is a clear, non-toxic and non-flammable water-based, high purity operating fluid, which is added downstream of the engine in the exhaust system, meaning you still receive the maximum efficiency from all our engines whilst reducing harmful pollutants.

*Official Fuel consumption figures are produced for comparison purpose and are measured according to the European Directive 80/1268/EEC. These figures are specific for a vehicle type and not for a single car. Real world fuel (actual) consumption can vary as the fuel efficiency of a vehicle is influenced by driving behaviour, weather and road conditions. The use of technical equipment for example air conditioning, can also effect the fuel consumption. For further information, please visit the Vehicle Certification Agency web site

Renault Trafic Van Engines

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