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Discover the Renault TRAFIC Passenger engines

Enjoy a super-smooth drive and great fuel economy. Renault Trafic Passenger comes with very fuel-efficient engines.

  Induction capacity (cc) Fuel type Combined cycle - mpg* CO2^ (g/km) Tramsmission Max torque Nm (at rpm)
ENERGY dCi 95 1598 Diesel 47.1 155 Manual 260 (1500)
ENERGY dCi 125 1598 Diesel 50.4 145 Manual 300 (1500)
ENERGY dCi 145 1598 Diesel 47.9 152 Manual 320 (1500)
ENGINE CAPACITY: Measured in cubic centimetres.
COMBINED: Official Fuel consumption figures are produced for comparison purpose and are measured according to the European Directive 80/1268/EEC. These figures are specific for a vehicle type and not for a single car. Real world fuel (actual) consumption can vary as the fuel efficiency of a vehicle is influenced by driving behaviour, weather and road conditions. The use of technical equipment for example air conditioning, can also effect the fuel consumption. For further information, please visit the Vehicle Certification Agency web site
EMISSIONS (MAX): Figures obtained from AAA-DATA (Association Auxiliaire de l’Automobile), a subsidiary of CCFA. AAA-DATA is an organisation that collates automotive industry data for authorities.

Euro 6
Fuel economy
Renault expertise
SL27 ENERGY dCi 95 Business
SL29 ENERGY dCi 95 Business
LL29 ENERGY dCi 95 Business
ENERGY dCi 125
Euro 6
Versatile and advanced
Superb consumption
SL27 ENERGY dCi 125 Business
SL29 ENERGY dCi 125 Business
LL29 ENERGY dCi 125 Business
SL27 ENERGY dCi 125 Sport Nav
SL29 ENERGY dCi 125 Sport Nav
LL29 ENERGY dCi 125 Sport Nav
    ENERGY dCi 145
Expertise of Renault engineers
Performance and pleasure
SL27 ENERGY dCi 145 Business
SL29 ENERGY dCi 145 Business
LL29 ENERGY dCi 145 Business
SL27 ENERGY dCi 145 Sport Nav
SL29 ENERGY dCi 145 Sport Nav
LL29 ENERGY dCi 145 Sport Nav

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