Renault Trafic Passenger Vans at Platts Van Centre

Renault Trafic Passenger Van.. Comfort and modular layout

Renault Trafic Passenger Van Comfort and Modular Layout

Whether you have a big family or you're carrying lots of people, Renault Trafic Passenger satisfies your every need. You choose the configuration that's right for you!

  • Up to nine passengers: Seats up to nine passengers. You can choose your configuration: individual seats or two-person passenger bench seat at the front, one or two three-person bench seats in the rear. Renault Trafic Passenger can carry the entire family.
  • Spacious, modular luggage compartment: Take advantage of the modular loading space. There is plenty of room for your luggage and that of your passengers in the Renault Trafic Passenger. With up to 3,400 litres of space, it is the perfect partner for your holidays.
  • Four-position luggage space cover: Practical and reassuring, the luggage space cover conceals your belongings from prying eyes. With two horizontal and two vertical positions, it enables you to reorganise your loading space in line with your needs

Up to nine passengers - Spacious, modular luggage compartment - Four-position luggage space cover Renault Trafic Passenger Van Comfort

  • 90 litres of storage in the cab: Renault Trafic Passenger offers ever more useful solutions with 14 storage compartments spread throughout the passenger compartment. We have designed them to store all your everyday items. A large 54-litre storage compartment located underneath the passenger bench seat can be used to store bulky items out of sight.
  • Comfortable, wrap-around seats: Our experts have paid special attention to the design of Renault Trafic Passenger's front seats. You will enjoy unrivalled comfort thanks to their high-density foam, ergonomic shape, added lateral support and the numerous settings available.
  • Spaciousness in the rear seats: Your passengers are also very comfortably seated. The rear bench seats provide added lateral support and generous leg room. One or two glazed sliding side doors facilitate access to the rear seats*. (* Available on some versions).

90 litres of storage in the cab - Comfortable, wrap-around seats - Spaciousness in the rear seats Renault Trafic Passenger Van Modular Layout

Renault Trafic Passenger Van Comfort and Modular Layout

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