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Renault Master Van.. Accessories

Renault Master Van Accessories

  • Towbars: Renault goes above and beyond even the strictest European standards (CE 94/20). Thanks to further testing, Renault have also made sure that your vehicle won't be damamged, even with intensive commercial towbar use. Finally, Renault also take the most demanding climatic conditions into account by applying an anti-corrosion surface treatment.
  1. Standard Ball
  2. Universal Coupling Towbar
  3. 'Pintle Hook' with ball

Renault Master Towbars 1. Standard Ball 2. Universal Coupling Towbar 3. Pintle Hook with ball Renault Master Van Accessories

  • Aluminium roof rack, walkway and ladder: Specially design for the Master, the aluminium roof rack is equipped with a rear sliding roller to aid loading. The maximum load is 149kg, the galvanised steel ladder and walkway facilitate loading onto the rack.

Aluminium roof rack, walkway and ladder Renault Master Van Accessories

  • Rear protective window grills: Window protection grilles designed specifically for your Master. Protects goods being transported whilst maintaining a clear rear view.
  • Ply lining: Protect the interior of your Master with our hardwearing, bespoke ply lining. The price includes fitting by Renault.
  • Catalytic converter protector: Specialist anti-theft device to protect your catalytic converter from theft.
  • Standard carpet mats: Protect your Master from everyday dirt, wear and tear with a set of genuine Renault mats.  Available in carpet or rubber to suit your lifestyle, Renault mats are made to measure for your vehicle.
  • Seat covers: To protect the upholstery of your Renault Master passenger vehicle, choose the heavy duty cover specifically design for heavy use.
  • Alarm: Protect your Master van.

Rear protective window grills - Ply lining - Catalytic converter protector - Standard carpet mats - Seat covers- Alarm

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