Renault Master Goods Vans at Platts Van Centre

Renault Master Van.. Business Features, Workspace and Storage

Renault Master Van.. Business Features, Workspace and Storage

Business Features.. Work space in the cab

  • Steel roof rack: Simplify and reduce loading time with this multi-use roof storage feature. A load securing bar and loading roller make it easy to handle heavy loads safely on swing door versions.
  • Non-slip wooden floor: You know that your cargo area is protected with Renault Master's coating. From the roof panel joint to the opening panels, the robust and stylish fittings of the wooden floor protect the body. Available with non-slip coating.
  • Lashing rings: Up to 10 lashing rings may be fitted, depending on the version, to ensure the security of your goods.

Steel roof rack - Non-slip wooden floor - Lashing rings Business Features, Workspace and Storage

  • Roof bars: Load up to 200 kg with 46 kg per bar
  • 270° rear door: Easy approach with the 270° door held open by a magnetic catch.
  • Rear running board: Easy access to the cargo area.

Roof bars - 270° rear door - Rear running board Business Features, Workspace and Storage

  • Panel partition with window: Optimised visibility of the cargo area for the driver with the window partition when the rear doors are glazed.
  • Differential locking: Avoid incidents on slippery surfaces with this system that improves traction when in rear-wheel drive.
  • Standard towbar: Tow up to 3 tonnes using the standard towbar. The mixed four-hole drawbar and hook are available as accessories.

Panel partition with window - Differential locking - Standard towbar

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