Renault Master Conversion Vehicles at Platts Van Centre

Renault Master Converted Vehicles.. Factory converted & bespoke products

New Renault Master Converted Vehicles

Renault now offers a comprehensive range of factory converted products that are available to order directly from our dealer network as a “One-Stop Shop”. These vehicles are provided with a full manufacturer warranty. If the factory products are not quite what you are looking for, we also offer a range of chassis and platform cabs that can be converted to meet your exact needs.

  • Ambulances: Passenger and patient carrying transport.
  • Construction conversions and cranes
  • Minibuses, mobility and taxis: Transporting passengers in comfort.
  • Refrigerated vans: Temperature control solutions.

New Renault Master Factory and Bespoke Converted Vehicles Factory Converted Vehicles

Ambulances & Emergency Services.. Passenger and patient carrying transport.
Renault has the perfect range of vehicles for meeting the needs of customers requiring Passenger and Patient carrying transport, which is why Renault has been the first choice for converters and customers for many years.

Front wheel drive vehicles offer great flexibility and with their low floor are ideal for access to and from the passenger area. We are able to offer a great selection of vehicles to meet your specific operational and budget needs, many of them providing solutions for carrying wheelchair users.

Both our Trafic and Master are ideally suited as passenger carrying vehicles, with many Ambulance Authorities choosing Master for transporting patients. We work hand in hand with Renault to ensure that we have all the technical information and assistance to meet type approval regulations. So whether you are looking for a straightforward Minibus or something more bespoke we have industry experts at your disposal, in the knowledge that you have the support of Europe’s No. 1 van Manufacturer.

Construction conversions and cranes
At Renault we design our vehicles with driver and passenger safety foremost in our minds.

In this health & safety conscious world we have converter partners who are able to provide an extensive range of specifically designed and manufactured ‘in vehicle’ storage systems, hydraulic lifting equipment and bespoke handling solutions to reduce your risk of manual handling, and incidental damage from loose items. Solutions designed to make your life easier and safer, all this in the knowledge that you have the support of Europe’s No.1 Van Manufacturer.

Bespoke Converted Vehicles Renault Converted Vehicles at Platts Van centre

Minibuses, mobility and taxis.. Transporting passengers in comfort.
Renault has been at the forefront of supplying suitable base vehicles into the Motability market for wheelchair accessibility for many years, ranging from the versatile Renault Trafic to the Master.

We are able to offer a great selection of vehicles to meet the specific needs of the wheelchair user, so whether you are a Motability customer or looking to outright purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle, we will be delighted to advise you on the most suitable Renault product and accessible solution for your needs. You have the comfort of knowing we work in partnership with Renault to ensure that the conversion meets the highest possible standards.

Refrigerated van.. Temperature control solutions.
We are able to provide a solution for all your temperature controlled needs, from the smaller Renault Kangoo Van, to the Trafic Van and on to the numerous versions of the versatile Master Van and Chassis Cab range.

Both Panel Van and Box Van/Chassis Cab conversions are available to your exact requirements, whether you require an insulated, heated, chilled or deep freeze solution.

Temperature controlled vehicles can be specified to your exact market needs, where food hygiene compliance is essential. The following options can also be included: Insulated curtains for multi-drop application, Multi compartment for differing temperature zones, 240 volt stand-by, Data logging equipment. When required ATP certification is also available on specific conversions, for Continental transportation.

Ambulances - Construction conversions and cranes - Minibuses, mobility and taxis - Refrigerated vans

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