Renault Kangoo Z.E. Goods Vans at Platts Van Centre

Renault Kangoo ZE Van.. Accessories

Renault Kangoo ZE Van Accessories

  • Standard roof bars: Steel bars finished in black PVC, carrys up to 100kg load and designed specifically for and by Renault.
  • Rear window protection grilles: Protects the vehicle from break-ins through the rear windows / doors whilst allowing visibility.

Standard roof bars - Rear window protection grilles Renault Kangoo ZE Van Accessories

  • Ply lining: Protect the interior of your new Kangoo with our hardwearing, bespoke ply lining. The price includes fitting by Renault.
  • Rear body coloured parking sensors: Allows you to park with confidence.
  • Towbar: Renault goes above and beyond even the strictest European standards (CE 94/20), thanks to further testing, Renault have also made sure that your vehicle won’t be damaged, even with intensive commercial towbar use. Finally, Renault also take the most demanding climatic conditions into account by applying an anti-corrosion surface treatment. 

Ply lining - Rear body coloured parking sensors - Towbar Renault Kangoo ZE Van Accessories

Renault Kangoo ZE Van Accessories

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