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R-LINK multimedia system

Multimedia.. R-LINK multimedia system
Rediscover multimedia through simple features tailored to vehicle use, including a large touchscreen, modern interfaces and Bluetooth®, along with USB sockets and a jack on the front panel. Listening to music from a portable device or viewing photos has never been easier! Also explore Renault R-LINK Store, the first automotive app store! Download a wide variety of apps from your computer via MY Renault, or directly from your vehicle.

R-LINK multimedia system R-LINK multimedia system

  • Telephone function: Making calls is easy! When the car is stationary, simply enter a number or browse your contacts on the Renault R-LINK touchscreen. What's more, when you get into your vehicle, Renault R-LINK automatically synchronises your directory and displays your contact list along with photos (depending on the telephone).
  • Navigation: Take advantage of the TomTom® connected navigation system and LIVE services such as HD Traffic® - the best in real-time traffic information systems. R-LINK helps you manage the range of your Kangoo Z.E. by displaying charging stations on the map. It also lets you see how far the vehicle can go, based on range, and whether it has the capacity to reach your planned destination.
  • Services and vehicles: Make life easier with the pre-installed R-LINK apps: Email, Renault R-LINK Tweet, Weather and Renault Assistance. Access the R-LINK Store catalogue and discover a range of apps featuring car data (e-guide, fuel prices, etc.), news, practical information (TomTom places, etc.) or relating to leisure, culture or tourism!

Renault R-LINK: Telephone function - Navigation - Services and vehicles R-LINK multimedia system

R-LINK multimedia system

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