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Renault Kangoo Van.. Modular Layout and Storage

Renault Kangoo Van Modular Layout and Storage

Modular layout.. Practical & ingenious
The Renault Kangoo makes your life easier and puts the fun back into journeys with its nifty features.

  • Swivelling bulkhead: The passenger seat folds giving a flat base and 0.6m3 of additional load volume whilst ensuring the driver is fully protected.
  • Innovative roof bars: Transform your roof bars into a roof rack, easily and without tools!
  • Grip xtend: Features such as Electronic Stability Control with Grip xtend are now standard, reinforcing our promise for safety in difficult driving conditions.

Swivelling bulkhead - Innovative roof bars - Grip xtend Renault Kangoo Van

Storage.. Keep everything to hand
Make the most of the storage spaces in your Renault Kangoo and take whatever you need with you.

  • Dashboard storage space: This easy-access space can hold pens, notepads, A4 folders, books and magazines.
  • Rear roof flap: The sliding roof flap allows the vertical storage of oversized objects.
  • Ply lining: Protect the interior of your new Kangoo with our hardwearing bespoke ply lining.
  • Ready4work: For professionals that need to store tools and equipment, the Ready4Work system arrives at your dealer fitted so you can get straight to work.

Dashboard storage space - Rear roof flap - Ply lining Renault Kangoo Van

Modular Layout and Storage

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