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Fiat Talento Panel Van ... Versatility


Versatility is key when running a successful business. Whether it is goods or passengers, Talento is designed to effectively transport all of them, without losing the van's compactness - great for urban environment.

Flexible and adaptable, you can easily load large objects from both side doors and rear doors. Offering up to 1.2 TONNES OF PAYLOAD, with space for 3 Euro pallets (starting from short wheelbase/low roof) and the possibility of also transporting long objects. They can be easily carried through the CARGOPLUS, an opening underneath the passenger’s seat that lets you fit objects UP TO 4.1 METERS in length, such as copper pipes.

Talento has squared lines, implying its spacious interior and wide LOAD COMPARTMENT, UP TO 8.6 M3.

Fiat Talento Panel Van ... Versatility


Behind every job well done is a team, and the new Talento has a comfortable seat for for all team members. With a LOAD COMPARTMENT of 3.2 M3 in short wheelbase versions and 4.0 M3 in the long wheelbase versions, the shielded DOUBLE CABIN can carry a large volume of goods, alongside all your team members.

The crew cab is available with FIVE OR SIX SEATS, adding comfort to every trip. The cargo compartment is accessible from the rear, with LEAF DOORS OPENING AT 90° or180°/255°. Allowing to use every centimeter of the loading compartment, from the floor up to the roof.


The van's versatility allows you to choose the perfect combination for your business, between TWO different HEIGHTS, TWO LENGTHS AND TWO WHEELBASES.

  • Short Wheel Base Standard Roof
  • Short Wheel Base High Roof
  • Long Wheel Base Standard Roof
  • Long Wheel Base High Roof

Fiat Talento Panel Van ... Versatility

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