Fiat Professional Talento Goods Vans at Platts Van Centre

Fiat Talento Panel Van ... Loading

Loading.. The New Fiat Talento Panel Van was developed to make the loading area more practical.

Its additional trapdoor “CargoPlus” (under passenger bench) allows Professionals to carry long objects up to 3.75m (4.15m for LWB).

The regular squared shape and the opportunity of opening rear doors 250° can guarantee an easy access and usage of the loading bay.

The great accessibility is also due to the low threshold of 552 mm and the width of the lateral sliding door of 1030 mm.

The load volume 5.2 m³ on SWB and 6 m³ on LWB can arrive to 8.6 m³ on LWB high roof; this means it is possible to carry 3 Euro pallets starting from the SWB version.

Finally, Talento is able to carry up 1249 kg with increased payload.​​​

Fiat Talento Panel Van ... Loading

Fiat Talento Panel Van ... Loading

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