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Fiat Fullback Pick-up Truck ... Safety and Style

Fullback pick up is equipped with a wide range of safety devices designed to guarantee maximum protection and safety of the driver and passengers. Reinforced suspensions and bodyshell, Bi-Xenon headlamps and LED daytime running lights for maximum visibility. What's more, Fullback offers you the hill holder system for starting off easily even on an uphill road. That is because among all your work tools, safety cannot be lacking. Never.

The body has been made with special steel elements, light and highly resistant to tractions, in order to provide a high level of security.

The front suspension with double A-arm and stabilizer bar ensure excellent stability both on and off the road. The rigid rear axle with elongated multi-layer leaf springs withstand the maximum strains of the road surface, assuring stability and comfort when loaded or empty.

The adjustable speed limiter helps you to keep the constant speed you've set, without exceeding it. In case it happens, a sound and a visual sign will warn you, helping you to slow down.

The Lane Departure Warning is the system that, for speeds higher than 40 mph, automatically warns you with a light and audio signal, that the vehicle is dangerously deflecting from the road.

In case of accident, Fullback is equipped with 7 airbags that contribute to absorb the impact. In addition to the front ones, Fullback counts on side and window airbags plus one at the level of the driver's knees.

In case of front impact, the pre-tensioners will automatically tighten the passenger and driver’s seatbelt, to minimize the potential impact with the airbags.

This system detects a sway of a vehicle with sensors and controls the braking force of each wheel and engine power in order to stabilize the motion. In fact, it prevents the wheels from slipping, minimizing the risk of skids and guaranteeing a perfect traction in every condition.

The ideal solution to start uphill with agility even when fully loaded. The Hill Holder automatically stops the vehicle for a few seconds, even if you're not braking.

Fiat Fullback Pick-up Truck ... Safety and Style

Fiat Fullback Pick-up Truck ... Safety and Style

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