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Fiat Fiorino Cargo Van ... Functionality

Functionality.. All type of solutions to make the New Fiat Fiorino van even more practical and efficient for a commercial vehicle

To separate the cab passenger compartment from the load compartment and protect the driver from any movement or intrusion of the vehicle's load, you can choose from a range of partitions, available on request:

  • Fixed partition: paneled, glazed with central window
  • Pivoting partition: divided into two sections, fixed on the driver's side and swivel on the passenger side. When the passenger seat is folded down to floor level, the right hand section of the partition can be turned to protect the driver's side. Offers the following benefits:
  • plus 1 m in length (up to approximately 2,5 m in total)
  • plus 0,3 m³ in load compartment volume
The Fiorino is also equipped with a 9-bar tubular metal safety frame as standard to protect the driver against any load movements.

Fiat Fiorino Cargo Van ... Functionality

Increased payload
Up to 660 kg, on diesel versions on request.

Independent load compartment opening
Separate front and rear door locking, allows you to use the load compartment even when the driver's cab is locked. For greater safety during loading and unloading operations, as standard depending on the version.

Fiat Fiorino Cargo Van ... Functionality

Ceiling light and removable torch
Located at the side of the load compartment (optional):

  • functions as a regular ceiling light when inserted in its mount
  • becomes a handy torch when removed from the mount.
Also in the load compartment, a useful 12V power outlet (optional).

Flexibility.. All the solutions you need

Tailor-made solution for every mission
New Fiorino is a model totally adapted to be converted for specific usage, for example, isothermic, taxi, police and mobile workshop vehicle. ​

Refrigeration outfit ... Ideal for carrying perishables
Isothermal outfit ... Outfit for carrying medicines or foodstuffs according to current regulations
Mobile workshop outfit ... Equipped with shelves and cabinets to make work even easier.
Fleet outfit ... The Fiorino lends itself to specific outfits required by fleets and private customers.

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