Fiat Professional Ducato Goods Vans at Platts Van Centre

Fiat Ducato Goods Van ... Accessibility & Flexibility

Accessibility ... You can make the most of every last centimetre of space when loading your goods

  • The nearside sliding side doors are available in 2 widths, 1075 and 1250 mm, and 2 heights, 1485 and 1755 mm.
  • the upper slide rail is designed to facilitate opening and closing
  • the suitcase-style handles are easy to grip.
A second offside sliding side door is available on request.

The load compartment is extremely easy to access via the rear doors:
  • the doors are over1.5 m high on the low roof version (H1), almost 1.80 m on the high roof version (H2), and over 2 m on the extra high roof (H3), a true record
  • two opening options 180° and 270°, for easier movement around the vehicle in confined spaces.

Fiat Ducato Goods Van ... Accessibility & Flexibility

Self-levelling suspensions... To keep you level at all times, irrespective of load weight and arrangement, thus increasing safety and driving comfort.

Allows you to raise or lower the load platform when the vehicle is parked in order to:

  • make the handling of your goods easier
  • improve the ramp angle or the passing of an obstacle beneath the vehicle.

Fiat Ducato Goods Van ... Accessibility & Flexibility

Flexibility ... Custom-made solutions by authorised outfitters

  • A fully-equipped mobile workshop in your van
  • For on-site technical and mechanical assistance, fitted with an aluminium loading platform and internal shelving.
  • Refrigeration/Isothermal outfit
  • For carrying food and medicines, in compliance with the applicable standards in force, insulated with or without refrigerator.

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