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Fiat Ducato Conversion Van ... Technology & Safety

TECHNOLOGY AND SAFETY ... Multimedia content to combine safety with efficiency

MULTIMEDIA ... Discover true driving pleasure

Bluetooth radio (standard) Radio with Bluetooth connectivity, USB and aux-in port as standard

UConnect radio (option) Latest generation multimedia radio featuring a system with 4 or 6 speakers (depending on the model), for a high fidelity audio experience, thanks to:

  • 5” LCD colour touchscreen allowing you to manage radio stations, phone calls, external devices and USB, the rear view of the vehicle when manoeuvring thanks to the pictures from the video camera (as option)
  • Bluetooth connectivity to handle phone calls and incoming SMS text messages, listen to music and radio stations in streaming directly from your mobile phone, without taking your hands off the wheel.
  • built-in CD and MP3 player, and steering wheel controls.

All the radios are also available in DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) versions and they are compatible with the majority of multimedia file formats.

Uconnect Radio Nav (option) Developed with the collaboration of TomTom, it includes all the features of the Uconnect Radio incorporated with the satellite navigation function, which can be accessed via an intuitive, exhaustive and effective navigation interface.

  • The pre-loaded maps include millions of places of interest.
  • The many different functions are easy to manage, without ever having to take your hands off the wheel.

Fiat Ducato Conversion Van ... Technology & Safety

SAFETY ... Work and travel with maximum peace of mind

The New Ducato means always driving with maximum safety and performance. Indeed, it features the most sophisticated control technologies, which can be operated from the cabin easily and quickly.

Power steering
All vehicles come with Servotronic power steering as standard, the variable steering booster which reduces the effort required to turn the wheel compared with a standard hydraulic power steering system, and guarantees maximum driving precision at high speeds.

Cruise Control
The Cruise Control system makes possible to drive the vehicle at your desired speed without using the accelerator pedal.

  • Ideal for long motorway trips.
  • It can be automatically deactivated by using the brake or the clutch or by pressing a button.
The Speed Limiter prevents you from exceeding the selected speed involuntarily
  • Ideal to concentrate on your driving and avoid exceeding the speed limit in complete safety.
  • The speed setting may be altered by operating the left steering wheel stalk.
Traction +
This smart electronic differential system guarantees better handling and safety even over uneven ground:
  • for starting on slippery surfaces, mud, sand or snow, the system reduces torque from a slipping drive wheel and transfers it to the wheel with the best grip, restabilising the vehicle's traction
  • no extra vehicle weight
  • can be activated up to 21 MPH (30 km/h) and only where necessary, using a button on the dashboard.
Hill Descent Control
This allows you to tackle downhill driving with a slope of up to 50% while travelling at the preset speed without operating the brake or accelerator, so you can concentrate on the driving.

Fiat Ducato Conversion Van ... Technology & Safety

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
The electronic stability control device makes the New Ducato one of the safest vans in its category, with:

  • Roll over mitigation - a new, additional support to the ESC, that guarantees vehicle stability even in situations where the risk of rollover is greater so when the vehicle's centre of gravity is especially high due to the load, or in the case of excessive lateral traction.
  • LAC - electronic load adaptive control - evaluates the vehicle's load and the centre of gravity in order to adjust the action of the ESC
  • ASR - the traction control function prevents one or both driving wheels from slipping
  • MSR - during downshifts, this system supplies torque to the engine to prevent locking of the drive wheels
  • Hill Holder, invaluable for hill starts, which extends the braking pressure when the brake pedal is released to prevent the vehicle from slipping backwards, making the manoeuvre much easier.
  • HBA: Hydraulic Brake Assistance, which increases the braking force during an emergency brake.
Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)
The driving assistance system designed to determine whether the van is changing lane, even in low-visibility weather conditions.
  • It is activated when the vehicle exceeds 37 MPH (60 km/h) and in the event of manoeuvres considered involuntary by the system
  • As soon as the vehicle approaches the line defining the side of the lane, an acoustic signal and an indicator light warn the driver of the possible imminent risk.
Rear visibility
The devices which actively assist you when parking in tight spaces and where visibility is impeded

Parking sensors
  • 4 sensors sound a warning when you are approaching obstacles behind you while you are reversing.
  • They are integrated in the rear bumper and switch on automatically when you select reverse gear.
  • The intermittent buzzer increases in frequency as you get nearer an obstacle, becoming a continuous beep when you should proceed no further.
Rear camera
  • Installed in a plastic cover on the rear door spoiler, together with the third brake light.
  • It sends the pictures of the area behind the vehicle to the 5” colour touchscreen on the dashboard radio.
  • The system is activated when reverse gear is selected or when the rear doors are opened.
  • The camera's visual coverage is 3 m in width and 6 m in depth.

Rear mirrors
  • Double parabolic, they incorporate side direction indicators and the Radio antenna upon request.
  • They are equipped with electric adjustment and demister function and are available with electric folding as an option.

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