Fiat Professional Ducato Conversion Vehicles at Platts Van Centre

Fiat Ducato Conversion Van ... Performance

PERFORMANCE ... Power, economy, driveability

Euro 6 Engines ... More cost-effective, more eco-friendly, better performance

The Ducato is available with 6 new engines Euro 6 engines with power of 115, 130, 150, 150 Eco,180 HP power options, so that you can always be sure of the performance which best suits your transport needs.

MultiJet II
This is the new generation of MultiJet engines: an innovative fuel feed system with faster injectors capable of multiple injections in rapid sequence - up to 8 per cycle - optimising combustion for:

  • increased power and polluting emissions reduced to a minimum
  • lower noise levels.
These engines are also lighter, meaning higher load capacity, thanks to:
  • their simpler construction
  • their optimised components.
  • Available in 115, 130, 150 and 180 HP power options.

Fiat Ducato Conversion Van ... Performance

Comfort-Matic Gearbox ... The efficiency of a manual gearbox with the comfort of an automatic

The automatic robotised gearbox with 6 gears plus reverse.

  • Improves performance
  • reduces consumption
  • makes driving less tiring, especially on journeys in heavy traffic
  • The Up key makes the driving safer if the vehicle is fully loaded and on difficult terrain
  • gPrevents inappropriate gear shifts
You can enjoy the choice of 3 operating modes:
  • Automatic for normal driving.
  • Semi-automatic to be able to change gear, while maintaining operation in automatic mode.
  • Manual for fully customised driving.
In order to guarantee maximum efficiency with a fully loaded vehicle or uphill, use the UP key, which optimises gear shifts and provides more thrust or brakes the engine depending on the circumstances.

Available on the 130 MultiJet II, 150 MultiJet II and 180 MultiJet Power versions.

Fiat Ducato Conversion Van ... Performance

Efficiency ... To help you achieve your goal

The New Ducato Conversion offers a range of powerful engines, efficient in terms of consumption and emission, dynamic and environmentally-friendly.

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