Fiat Professional Ducato Conversion Vehicles at Platts Van Centre

Fiat Ducato Conversion Van ... Trasformability/Convertibility

Trasformability/Convertibility ... An architecture which combines driveability, robustness and productivity

The Ducato has always been the favourite conversion vehicle of body fitters and coach builders.

Its robust structure allows you to load your heavy goods in total safety:

  • a robust structure
  • a double omega chassis
  • maximum permitted axle loads: up to 2100 kg on the front axle and up to 2500 kg on the rear, segment topping values
  • double leaf spring rear suspension to support any type of conversion
  • specific rear suspension for every mission.

Fiat Ducato Conversion Van ... Trasformability/Convertibility

Featuring front-wheel drive:

  • less complex mechanical structure, without propeller shaft or rear differential unit, for improved consumption levels and payload
  • the driveability of a car
  • reduced kerb weigh increases payload
  • limited fuel consumption thanks to the lower weight and rolling resistance
  • lower tyre costs - only 4 rather than 6 to be replaced (as would be the case in a vehicle with rear wheel drive with twin wheels)
  • wider chassis- for increased stability - with the highest resistance index on the market
  • easy to fit out and adjust the body size
  • Low load threshold

Fiat Ducato Conversion Van ... Trasformability/Convertibility

Offers a range of specific conversion solutions:

  • bodywork socket
  • rear lighting wiring set-up
  • larger alternators
  • larger batteries
  • larger track (1.98 m).

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